Do you suffer from monotony during your day?

Every day we get out of bed and we start our morning routine, most of which includes: shower, breakfast, watch the news and leave for work, a few simple tasks that rarely change. How many of us do the exact same tasks each morning? Does this daily routine of the same things cause us to be more productive or less? When something becomes routine often the tasks become robotic and mindless, we put less thought behind every action, we reach a point of auto-pilot. When our minds disengage and we begin a routine, we allow for less cognitive thought, in turn making us less productive.

I recently stumbled across a blog by Lisa Peake, on and she had some great tips to break up monotony in any day. This blog is the first in a series outlining her 15 great tips for breaking up monotony.

Tip 1: Drink a full glass of water. You might be surprised to find out that much of your hunger is actually thirst. 

When I started working in a office environment, and made the switch from teaching elementary school to online web training with, I found myself sitting at my desk all the time, instead of moving as much as I was before. When I was teaching it felt like some days I never got a moment to sit down. Yet with this “desk job” I had became completely sedentary! Not only was I not moving I also discovered myself snacking on little things throughout the day. This tip of drinking a full glass of water really helped. The act of getting up and heading to the water cooler allowed for some small movement away from my desk. This task allowed my brain to disengage out of my “auto-piliot”, breaking the spell of un-productiveness.  When I walked away from my desk and simply got a glass of water, I found that my brain and the rest of my body enjoyed the break. I came back a few minutes later ready to keep working, making me more productive.

Try this small tip and see if you become more productive with a glass of water and a little movement.



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